Customer Satisfaction Warranty

Iven's commitment to customer satisfaction

I have always been happy when a manufacturer offers a customer satisfaction guarantee. This means they produce a great product and they stand by it.

I'm not going to settle for just "satisfied"; I want to inspire customer joy. I want you to look forward to using the tools I've built. This means if you have any questions or concerns about my products, let  me know. I need your input to help make better hot glass tools for everyone, whether or not you buy the tools directly from me. Of course, if you use one of blocks as a mace at a renaissance fair you will probably win, but I don't think THAT is covered under warranty.

Our Warranty for standard use - Glassworking tools made by Iven May & Leviathan GlassWorks.

Leviathan GlassWorks guarantees your satisfaction while using Better Blocks, brass stamps, glass molds, and other glass blowing tools produced by Leviathan GlassWorks and/or Iven May. Our warranty covers all hidden manufacturing defects, and defects encountered under normal wear and tear when used properly.

Brass Stamps & Glass Molds

The client is responsible for ensuring there are no spelling errors and/or design intent errors - including the choice between stamps and brands - when reviewing provided proofs. Any mistakes should be reported directly to your point of contact as soon as they’re found to avoid delays in production and/or shipping.

Damaged or incorrect stamps may be eligible for replacement at a cost of $100 for sizes up to 2.5”, and $150 for sizes up to 3”. We reserve the right to determine eligibility upon arrival at our facility.

Please contact us to begin the replacement process.


Better Blocks are covered for normal use in the glassblowing industry, for the life of the block head, as new heads can be attached once it wears out. Handles are guaranteed not to break off or come loose from the block head under normal usage.  Blocks will be a uniform shape and consistent thickness. Deviations from the above are eligible for replacement.

Blocks should be stored in water to ensure blocks don’t crack. Blocks that are stored in water and crack may be eligible for replacement. We reserve the right to determine eligibility upon arrival at our facility.

Used properly, Better Blocks are guaranteed to last longer than other blocks.

Please contact us to begin the replacement process.