Why Better Blocks are Better?

Why are better blocks better? It is just a stupid block aren’t they all the same?

I love tools and I really love tools that have great design, are balanced and last forever. I believe in excellence in everything you make, as do all of you. 

Better Blocks by Leviathan GlassWorks are better for a number of reasons.

Better look and feel, tools should feel great, look beautiful, work well and last. 

  1. Better Design, these block were ergonomically design by some one who actually blows glass with the input of other glass blowing professionals. Designed on a CAD system for full control of shape and form, then cut on a CNC machine that is accurate to 1 thousandth of an inch. The flat on the back allows you to further shape your glass, also for bigger blocks they sit flat on the maver or table. The 6 and 8 blocks are a bit thicker as they take more wear, the upper sizes are a bit thinner to reduce weight, no worries though, they are guaranteed to last longer than any block you have used.  
  2. Better materials, most block makers make their blocks out of a fruit wood cherry or apple. Better Blocks makes theirs out of Madrona.  
    1. Madrona it is a very hard and dense wood that burns long and hot, surpassing even oak in this regard. If you put it on the fire at night it is still there in the morning
    2. Burning characteristics are awesome kind makes you think it would be good for making blocks 
    3. It is the about the only tree that can survive a forest fire as its water content is so high. 
    4. It is so dense that if your throw a madrone log into the water it sinks. 
    5. Arbutus menziesii, the Pacific madrone or Madrona, is a species of tree in the family Ericaceae, native to the western coastal areas of North America, from British Columbia to California. They are mainly found in Puget Sound, the Oregon Coast Range, and California Coast Ranges. Madrona usually grows within 50 miles of salt water
  3. Better Process, Madrona has all these excellent qualities, but it has a bad reputation for splitting when it dries out. We have solved that,  through a proprietary process the madrona is stabilized. We still want you to keep it in water in the bucket. This process also makes the wood consistent in hardness, other block makers use sap wood and heart wood in the same block, which will lead to inconsistent burning, and scumming
  4. Better Handles, 
    1. Better feel, beautifully turned and shaped, we have had high praise for the feel of this handle.  
    2. Better wood, made from harder hardwoods, such as ash, maple, and walnut,local sustainable wood. The handles are also soaked in oil for over a week, to give them the highest anti-rot score.  We guarantee you handle will not rot off. Other makers make their handles out of softer woods that rot, or out of purple heart that comes from the amazon rain forest. 
  5. Better Joint, no not what you are thinking. These blocks have a mechanical connection that can't break off in the middle of glass production. Using, a threaded brass insert in the block, and copper sleeves for centering and a stainless bolt as a connection, guarantees no snapping off at the joint between the handle and the block. Other makers turn the handle down to a small dowel and drive that into a hole in the block, thus this connection is the weakest point between the handle and the block, worse also gets the most pressure.
  6. Better Balance, a balanced or ergonomic tool is less fatiguing to use, we center our handles on the center of mass of the block, thus balancing the handle to the block. And add a brass pommel at the end of the handle for equilibrium
  7. Better Endurance, I have had these block tested at glass facilities that do production teach courses and do experiences, the full brutal abuse of blocks, they told me that my Madrona blocks were the best have ever used and that they lasted significantly longer that standard blocks. 
  8. Better Grip and Marking, when fishing through the bucket for the right block can be frustrating, we mark our blocks with bold colors on the end of the handles. All handles come with a shrink grip used on high end fishing poles, so it remains grippy when wet and you no longer have slimy handles.